Turi Park

Turi Park

Oil On Canvas, 240cm Wide x 120cm High.

$2,000 with all profits going to vulnerable kids. 

“Lotus Dreaming”

My work is a daydream I had looking into a Lotus pond in Asia in June. What came through to me in the kid’s artwork and stories is their dream of hope for a better life. This wee girl simply wants her own beautiful garden. A private paradise, where things are safer and better. Her place where you can go to dream more dreams. I like the mirror qualities of this pond of life shimmering, sparkling and reflecting back. The delights in the details, droplets on leaves, the second images in shadows under the water, or those in the dance of light on the water. The Lotus floats on the surface of this in-between place. My dream of Myanmar, is lots of water, and lots of colour. I really hope they fulfill their vision of peace, and return their country to the beautiful garden of happy kids that it should be.

Turi is a contemporary painter excited by the rich history and natural inspiration of Aotearoa New Zealand. He is Pakeha, a descendant of European New Zealand parents, and traces his ancestry back to the English Lake District, the Orkney Islands of far northern Scotland, and a German missionary and French cooper who met on the Chatham Islands. Turi is a Maori name, after the captain of the Aotea waka that sailed from Hawaiiki to begin Maori settlement in Taranaki, Aotearoa New Zealand.



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