Stephen Marty Welch

Stephen Marty Welch

Oil on canvas – 60cm Wide x 70 cm High

“Dump Angel”

This work dump angel is of a young girl who everyday spends 2-3 hours early morning at school, then for the next 10 hrs she spends everyday in a dump ,rummaging through others trash to sell or use to make her and her families life better. I haven’t met this amazing young woman, when I was asked to join in on this great cause I put out a call to all my artist friends around the world and a photographer friend came back with this image and I knew straight away she was my “Dump Angel”.

I have a wonderful country that I was very lucky to have been born in. I’m a citizen with rights, my Dump Angel has no rights, take a minute to think how your life would be it your rights were taken away. I’m sorry to hand over this painting in a way, she has lived in my studio for a few months now, watching me work on other paintings that cost more than she will make in a life time in some cases. To the person that buys this work, thank you. The money raised from this work is much needed and will be given to a worthy cause.

Born 1972 Northland A self taught painter and now the leading figure in NZ portraiture. Welch is a international selling artist with commissions form Royalty to the homeless. Winner of the 2012 Adam Portrait Award and host of the TVNZ 7 series “The Sitting” in which Welch interviews well known kiwis and begins a portrait. At the end of the series the 20 works were auctioned and raised over $75,000.00 for the Starship Children’s Hospital.


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