Coloured Pencil On Paper Framed – 60cm Wide x 44cm High

I was always drawing flying animals when I was a kid, so Tha Zin Cho’s drawing spoke to me the moment I saw it. Flight meant freedom and seeing things in a new way to me and Zin Cho’s drawing felt really powerful and emotional coming from a ten year old. These kids are the most wonderful kids I’ve met and they deserve so much more.

Sheryo (born 1984) is a visual artist based in Singapore. Her art is slightly odd, weird, imperfect, gnarly and can be recognised by the post-apocalyptic daze of colours she uses. She tries to investigate, analyze and document the human psyche (mostly hers) and frustrations towards contemporary lifestyles and its mercurial nature. She seeks inspiration mostly from her collection of incoherent, cloudy thoughts, happenstances, faces, strange beings, modern fears and words.

She is a part of the Army of Snipers crew and some of her clients include Adidas Originals, Converse, MTV asia, Intel, Nike, Zouk, Zirca & the Ministry of Sound.


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