Peter Campbell

Peter Campbell

Mixed Media Collage Framed– 71cm High x 37cm Wide

Aung Thiha’s drawing of a giraffe has been given a fairly literal reinterpretation. To me the giraffe is linked to childhood, the fascination with such a peculiar animals and also the growth charts on so many children’s walls. There is a small section of collaged ruler which alludes to this, measuring draws on the idea of the move to adulthood and the aspirations and dreams linked to that.  The giraffe through its stature reaches high and plucks the juiciest leaves, perhaps a metaphor for success in life.

Peter Campbell splits his time between teaching and freelance illustration and still enjoys getting his hands dirty and utilizes many of the techniques and media used in printmaking in his work, he has illustrated over 50 books in the more than ten years he has been illustrating. Based in Wellington he mixes his time between personal projects and commissioned work and also obsessively produces handmade collage work for his blog.


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