Paint on wood – 90cm Diameter

My painting is inspired by Moe Moe Kyan’s illustration, I dream of going – “To a beautiful garden”.

I wanted to paint a beautiful, peaceful garden for Moe Moe. Just two friends hanging out, surrounded by loads of colour, flowers, magical creatures and yummy fruits and vegetables, enough to feed every body. I dream of having a garden like this too.

I was excited to see with my own eyes the little vegetable garden thriving at Sky Blue School in 2010, and the kids eating healthy, nutritious cooked lunches every day.

SpinningTop impresses and inspires me with the incredible agricultural projects/edible gardens that they have developed at IDP3 Boarding House and TMK School to educate and feed so many children, truly amazing.

Misery aka ‘Tanja Jade’ was born in Brisbane, Australia in the year of the Lord 1982. Her formative years were spent taunting crocodiles, avoiding giant falling mangos and committing the characters that inhabited her daydreams and nightmares to paper. At the tender age of 12, Misery left home and caught a ride on a fishing boat to Tahiti. On route they encountered a terrible storm and had to dock at Auckland, New Zealand to wait for the seas to calm. Two days later the ship set sail but Tanja remained behind in what would become her new home.

After leaving school Tanja travelled the world holding successful exhibitions in the United States and Europe and having a wonderful time in general. On her return to New Zealand she launched her clothing label and made enough money to set up a small pug dog farm in Muriwai. Her shows continued to grow in popularity regularly selling out on the opening night. Tanja’s recognition has attracted countless media attention, including a half hour award-winning documentary produced by Sticky Pictures.



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