Meghan Geliza

Meghan Geliza

Paint on wood – 120cm Wide x 120cm High


The face in the middle of this piece, formed by a whirl of colour, is inspired by this especially cheeky boy in our class Saw Pa La. He was this whirlwind running around, bantering with everyone, tickling us while we’re painting the murals. He had the best attitude. I wanted him to be the focal point of the painting and this piece is dedicated to him.

I wanted to create a whimsical dreamland, made up of fragments of some of the kids’ dreams. There was that little girl who wanted to be a pink butterfly, the kid who wanted to fly, the kid who wanted to live in a more idyllic place than his own. All these fragments make up a congealed whole, with the overall piece speaking dreams of freedom, connectedness, happiness and abundance.

Meghan Geliza’s large-scale paintings on wood are of worlds swirling in explosive colour, referencing and commenting on the universe, the metaphysical and the whimsical. She’s currently interested in congealing the abstract and the surreal in her practice, two opposing genres in art history. Doing art full-time, she’s currently working on several new events, exhibits & commissions from NZ, Europe, Australia and the US, riding her bike most days and having a mad good time along the way.


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