Gina Kiel

Gina Kiel 

Digital Painting, Framed – 50cm Wide x 68cm High

I was immediately drawn to Tha Lin Cho’s character and was inspired by its three heads. I wondered what dream was being reflected in this work?

To me Tha Lin Cho’s character is a symbol of companionship. The three minds share one body and so the being also has triple mental capabilities – super human.

Tha Lin Cho inspired me to create this piece; a three headed goddess.

In Greek mythology there was a three-headed goddess named ‘Hecate’, who saw the past, present and future. She ruled over three kingdoms: the earth, the sea and the sky, nursing the young and bestowing wealth upon those who prayed to her.

In my piece the goddess has the ability to hold and share good dreams and to absorb nightmares – removing them from existence. I have adorned her with images from the dreams of the children, to represent the life of their imaginations but also being mindful of disturbing experiences they may have had and as a subtle reminder of what we need to protect them from.


Gina Kiel is a Wellington based artist/illustrator. Sharing studio space at Inject Design she works with clients in NZ and internationally and is represented by Sydney based illustration agency The drawing Book Studios. Working with mixed media, acrylic, pencil, ink, recycled paper, wood, and photoshop, Gina creates images of power and beauty, portraying femininity and sexuality and exploring controversial social themes with wild imagination.


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