Gareth Price & Anya Whitlock

Gareth Price & Anya Whitlock

Acrylic on canvas – 122cm Wide x 122cm High

“Journey Through The Paint Box”

We were very inspired by so many of the gorgeous characters the kids drew that we decided to include as many as possible. The Mars-like landscape upon which they wander is like a huge paint box- a world of exploding colour, tone and potential. It is the portal that unites our completely different worlds and gives us a sense of communication that is possible no matter what language we speak.

Arnoldini has always been obsessed with ideas, so it’s no wonder that her creative history is so ‘eclectic’. Arnoldini’s greatest and lasting loves however are for Painting and Film and they are the permanent residents of this website. Craft, Zines and their extended whanau also like to pop in occasionally. Arnoldini hopes you enjoy the site and invites you make contact with any questions or two cents. Enjoy Arnoldini.

Born in Auckland in 1971, Price is self taught as an artist. He attended Selwyn College and studied art during all his college years. He has painted continuously throughout his twenties and has been with the Pierre Peeters Gallery since 2005. Prices’s art has been selected for inclusion in a number of calendars and books including the ‘New Zealand Gallery Book’ published in 2010. In 2009 he received third prize for the surrealist category of the Inaugural Motion Arts Awards, Auckland. His work The Green Box Agreement was selected as part of the Wallace Awards 2012 traveling exhibition. |


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