Erin Forsyth

Erin Forsyth

Painting – 96cm Wide x 51cm High

Wooden Artwork – Paint On Wood – 63cm Wide x 65cm High

My work is in response to an illustration by Saw Myaing Khin – an 8 year old boy from Burma. Saw Myaing Khin dreamt of “The hell man walking when he fishing in the sea”. His drawing was a seascape populated by all sorts of fantastic nautical happenings and almost entirely red. His cheeky smile and alternative subject matter stood out to me and I wanted to create something that he might enjoy. It was difficult to decide what medium to use so in the end I created several different works. First I painted a homage to the lore of ocean shanties on left over recycled timber pieces from my studio mate Julliet Arnott’s Rekindle project. These pieces can be arranged and rearranged to create a situation that references Saw’s work and the use of recycled materials is intended to reference and encapsulate sustainability. Like Saw I then created the hell man in red. He is a hungry sea creature looking for sea feasts.

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand Erin Forsyth is a believer in creative thought and creative application. Erin is renowned for her candidly grotesque illustrative work and her work as a freelance creative. In the past decade she has produced 7 solo exhibitions, featured in numerous group exhibitions; owned/operated an aerosol supplies store called CREEP, worked as an arts editor for international publication The New Order and coordinated exhibitions for organisations such as the Centre for Brain Research. Erin is a founding director of shared studio space/gallery Method and Manners and curatorial projects based company The Busy Nice both est. 2009.

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